Diaspora Remittance, Overseas Development Assistance and Economic Growth in Nigeria


  • Belema Fiberesima David


Diaspora remittance, overseas development assistance, economic growth, Nigeria, remittances.


The study set out to examine the diaspora remittance, overseas development assistance and economic growth in Nigeria, covering the period of 38 years (1981-2019). Secondary data sourced from national bureau of statistics, CBN statistical bulletin, World Bank data bases are adopted in the analysis. The work used Ordinary Least Squares model to estimate the variables used in the analysis. The result suggests that diaspora remittances reduce moderate poverty in Nigeria, also evidence from the study suggest that overseas development assistance inflows were positively statistically significant in the short run in the economy. Also, the study reveals that improvements in gross capital formation cause more overseas development assistance into the Nigeria economy. The work recommends that government should put appropriate policies that will improve the economy and make her youths to be more productive locally rather than pushing them out abroad and hoping to get enough remittance from them in a short while with the aim of improving diaspora remittance inflow which is not sustainable in the long run.



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