About the Journal

Journal of International Economic Relations and Development Economics (JIERADE) is an international peer reviewed journal published under the imprint Scholarly Research Journals by Global Scientific Publications in collaboration with Universities Dons  seeking to advance knowledge and promote scholarship.  The journal is a not-for-profit publication.

Aims and Scope

Journal of International Economic Relations and Development Economics (JIERADE) aims at encouraging theoretical research and its applications in the fields of Development Economics, International Studies, International Economic Relations, Political Economy and Business Administration, promoting the exchange of ideas between research and practice.

JIERADE provides valuable insight from researchers, policy makers and practitioners into global policy debates and understanding of the international market, political, bilateral and multilateral economic relations and how it affects global alliances, globalization and the economic health of nations.

Articles should normally cover global policy issues; issues in international financial markets, global economic governance, economic models and key indicators from which development policies are derived and those relevant to transformation of developing countries into more prosperous nations.

Open-Access Policy

Articles published in JIERADE will be freely accessible to readers globally without subscriptions.  Open-Access has become the best way to share knowledge. High-quality articles published open access get more citations than those published behind pay-walls. As is the mission of the publishers  to promote scholarship through disseminating research reports to the widest audience possible, the Journal publishing model is open access. The journal also allows authors to self-archive its published articles in a freely accessible institutional repository or disciplinary repository. 

Publication Fees

In order to meet the cost of publishing and to keep the journal's  publishing services running, Journal of International Economic Relations and Development Economics (JIERADE) charges publication fee usually called article processing charge (APC). Sponsorship from a third party, or donations by research foundations are also solicited.

Editorial Office

The Editor-in-Chief's institution of affiliation is the editorial office of the journal. This is different from the Publisher's General Editorial Office that oversees all its research publications.