Atlantic Journal of Agricultural Sciences: Announcements <p><em>Atlantic Journal of Agricultural Sciences</em> is an online based journal of Agricultural Sciences that publishes scientific articles in the following broad areas related to agriculture and food systems: Plant Science, Soil Science, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Food science, Environmental sciences, Animal Science and Agricultural Engineering</p> en-US Call for Papers <p><strong>Citation Rate (Impact Factor)<br></strong></p> <p>Journals owned by Global Scientific Publications receive high impact factor. This is because the journals are open access i.e. readers can access them free of charge. Also authors of articles on the journals are encouraged to upload their articles to researchgate and The journal of Agricultural Science is also on Google Scholar and Index Copernicus which alert researchers of new articles publication.</p> <p><strong>Method of Submission</strong></p> <p>Register on the journal homepage, create an account and submit your paper. Or send it as an email attachment to</p> Atlantic Journal of Agricultural Sciences 2020-11-16